iTunes – Review

iTunes – Review

In the world of high tech gadgets and gizmos is it any wonder that the music industry is right in the middle of it? Today,  iTunes still remains as one of the #1 music download services in the industry.

iTunes just recently touted its 10 billionth music download, and is probably considered the best service for downloadable music on the internet. This 24/7 online entertainment store which has sold 25 million digital tracks when it started in 2003 has, as of February 25th of 2010, reached the 10 billion mark.


A 72 year old grandfather named Louie Sulcer, from Woodstock, GA., got for himself  $10,000 worth of free music from iTunes store as his prize for having been the one to have downloaded the milestone-marking tune.

Incidentally, when Apple released the compilation of the top 25 most downloaded songs , the song that made it possible for  iTunes to hit the mark was not in the list.

Coincidentally, the title of the song was “ I Guess Things Happen That Way”, by Johnny Cash  released in 1978. How apt! iTunes has really become the industry’s  standard in media players.

It is probably because of its connection to iPods and the iPhones as well as for being innovative in adding new features everytime. iTunes has really made it easy for users like me to  download music and  videos straight to my computer and recently to my Ipod.

It is one of the  quickest mechanism  there is, and with a library of more than 17 million songs available for download it has made listening to high quality music a less hassle and heady experience.

To me, one of the biggest  features  of  iTunes 9 is  something called Home Sharing. For the past years, iTunes users have been able to wirelessly stream music from nearby computers whose owners chose to share their music.

But Home Sharing has taken this a step further. It now allows users  to actually copy the song files from one computer to another and it  works between any combination of  Windows  PCs and Mac computers.

Home Sharing has its limitations, however. It only works with a maximum of five computers. These computers must be on the same local network, not connected over the Internet.

And they must be the same computers authorized to play copy-protected media that you buy from Apple. The new iTunes store which has a redesigned navigation tool has made it easier for me to explore my favorite songs and favorite movies.

If you have been to the site, a new blacked tabbed-menu system has been added across the top. These tabs replace the old left-side navigation to choose between categories like Music, Applications, Movies and Podcasts.

I have also been using that feature wherein I am able to paste the link to a song or movie title on my Facebook account. It has definitely kept my friends up to date with my current favorites.

But of course, this has served Apple’s purpose of putting it there and that is to encourage my friends to get the same. Just recently, I have just discovered the new iTunes Gift cards.

This is said to be a hit in the  iTunes Store. It can be used to give songs, albums, playlists, audiobooks, music videos, movies, and TV shows to anyone.

The nice thing about it is that the recipient can choose for herself the download that she wants. Speaking of Audiobooks, I have never become interested in downloading any until I got hooked on the “Twilight” series.

I am just curious why my friends said that the movie  did not give justice to the story on the book. Now I am considering to get one for myself and I will start looking at the iTunes store.

With the ever–changing technology, it will not surprise me if Apple will again announce new developments. Other download sites will surely have to move fast to keep up with the pace, but for now you can enjoy the pleasures iTunes has to offer…

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